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Welcome Beautiful Soul!

You are not here by accident - nothing in the Universe happens by chance.

Every connection, every meeting, every sign, every experience is purposeful and perfectly timed.​

Empowered Aura is downtown Portsmouth's premiere spot for sound healing and energy medicine.

Our mission is to empower each individual to be their most vibrant and radiant self at each step of their Journey. 

Do you know what's going on in your energy field? Are you looking for an alternative healing session?

Your energy body (electromagnetic field) holds record of your entire life’s experiences – every moment, every milestone, every trauma,  thought, emotion, ALL of it.  At times, it can feel stagnant, heavy, and exhausting to carry around expired energy that no longer serves you. 


Static and incoherence in the energy field can often present as strong emotions, mental blockages, and physical dis-ease (if left unprocessed and unresolved).  

Book a session to help you relax, cleanse, recalibrate

your Energy field, and balance your Chakras.

After all, our energetic body has a direct correlation to our physical body, thoughts, daily mood, and our capacity to show up in the world and move forward in alignment with our Truth: our Higher (Authentic) Self.

Vibrate Higher.
Expand your Light.
Interested in upcoming Sound Healing
Events & Workshops?

Success! We'll be in touch!

Owner Whitney Bernabei specializes in Alternative Medicine as a sound healer, energy intuitive (Lightworker), and Reiki Practitioner (Master/Teacher).
Whitney offers integrated energy healing sessions using sound, vibration,
holistic tools, and intuitive techniques.

All sessions are customized, gentle, impactful, and profound.

Shift your Energy, 

Empower your Aura,

Fuel your Soul! 

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