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What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine encompasses many different alternative modalities that focus on channeling energy to stimulate relaxation, wellness, and healing.  Some of these modalities have been used for millennia.  The purpose of energy medicine is to release energetic blockages and restore the healthy function and flow (chi/prana) of ones energy centers (chakras), in order to rebalance the body and promote healing.  


Healing may be defined as allowing the body to reset and restore to optimum conditions so that it may carry out its innate functions naturally.  To do so, vital life force is needed for our bodies to not only survive, but also thrive here in the physical world.  If energy slows or stops flowing, then symptoms or dis-ease likely presents. 

And this is where Energy Medicine can assist... 


The Practitioner channels and facilitates the flow of energy to the client, directing it, and often incorporting tools to amplify energy at specific points.  However, the client's Intention also plays a role in directing what energy is required and can be accepted by the body at this time for healing.  Often, this Intention occurs on a subconscious level and is directed by the client's Higher Self, therefore no words need to be communicated. 


The Practitioner can incorporate their energetic work either on the client's physical body and/or in the client's auric (energetic) field, both of which require vital energy flow (chi/prana) to be in good health.  Energy medicine can impact deeper healing on multiple levels, not only with the physical body, but also with the mind, emotional body, and spiritual body, and is a wonderful adjunct to allopathic care.

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Sound Healing

Sound healing is a non-invasive form of relaxation, therapy, and alternative medicine.  Sound Healing has been used by shamans and medicine peoples as a healing art since ancient times. 

A sound healing Practitioner can leverage a plethora of musical tools and instruments to create desired sound frequencies that produce a therapeutic effect for a client or group.  The instruments can be used individually to impart a single tonal frequency or in multiples to create a harmony of frequencies.

Sound healing is primarily used to reduce stress, promote relaxation, increase overall wellness… and who wouldn’t want that!?

Music (of any kind) is the most relatable form of sound healing – look at how different songs, beats, lyrics, vibrations, and tones cause your body to move… physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Does the music make you want to jump, dance, sing, cry, laugh, scream, shake? 

This is the basis of healing through sound.

What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is a non-invasive, non-medical form of sound healing.  This alternative therapeutic modality was founded by Eileen Day McKusick in 1996, and uses tuning forks of various hertz frequencies to impart sound and vibration on a client’s biofield.

The term biofield refers to our body’s electrical system - both the electrical current that runs through our bodies, and the magnetic field that surrounds it.   All physical, mental, and emotional disorders can be perceived as dissonance in our electrical system, and thus present as symptoms or dis-ease. 


In Biofield Tuning, the tuning forks act as magnets to locate, diminish, and resolve dissonance; in doing so, they can help alleviate and often eradicate the corresponding ailing symptoms.  The Practitioner facilitates the session by using multiple pathways of perception along with a sequence of movements specific to the client’s body and needs at the time of the treatment.  The sound and vibration emitted from the forks hone in on areas of stagnant/turbulent energy, and allow these areas to resonate and entrain to a higher frequency. 

Those who seek Biofield Tuning sessions do so for a variety of reasons.  Many have reported improvements with concerns related to: depression, anxiety, PTSD, migraines, insomnia, (chronic) stress, (chronic) pain, digestive issues, post-op recovery, and feelings of “stagnancy” in various aspects of life. 

Biofield Tuning is a safe and effective alternative and complimentary adjunct to conventional medicine, however it is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or psychological treatment.

*Contraindications: if you are currently pregnant; suffered a recent concussion; actively undergoing treatment for cancer; have a pacemaker or other electrical implant/device. Please use the Contact Us form to get in touch.

Click here to visit the official Biofield Tuning website & store. 

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Energy Healing


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy medicine that promotes relaxation and stimulates healing.  The word Reiki is comprised of two Japanese words (or kanji): Rei meaning "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power"; Ki meaning "life force energy".  

​Ki is the positive life force that flows through and around every living being.  If our Ki is low, then low vibrations typically present and cause energy to get 'stuck', which can manifest as dis-ease, injury, or illness.  When our Ki is high, we generally feel healthy and can thrive in higher vibrations because our energy is flowing positively.​


During a Reiki session, energy flows from the Practitioner to the client, as the Practitioner places their hands in various positions both on the body and in the energetic field.​Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, and safe method of healing and self-improvement.  It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and creates a beneficial effect.  It can also be used to complement allopathic therapies and conventional medicine side effects to promote and speed up recovery.

Click here to visit the offical website for the International Center for Reiki.

The role of Crystals...

Crystals are ancient wisdom keepers of the mineral kingdom with immense healing potential.  They act as record keepers and guides with the ability to carry intentions and hold record of experiences.  Because of this, crystals should be cleansed frequently and reprogrammed to their natural settings.

Crystals carry their own frequencies that resonate with the higher realms, therefore they often work to help a person entrain their energy to operate at a higher frequency in their daily life.  It is very common for a person to either meditate with a crystal, don a crystal as jewelry, or place a crystal in a room to reset/shift the energy. 

An energy medicine Practitioner can work with intention by purposefully placing crystals on/around the client during a session.  The practitioner may also use a crystal simultaneously with another holistic instrument to help amplify sound/vibration into a targeted area to breakup energy, clear energy, stimulate the area, and/or bring in a higher vibration.

The colors, shape, and composition of a crystal correlate to various energy centers (chakras), which makes them excellent tools to use during energy healing sessions. 

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